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    Welcome to Cashlyte Furniture

    Contemporary approach to furnishing

  • What We Do

    A sneak peek to our works and passion.

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    Lifestyle in essence

    We pride ourselves on supplying perfectly crafted urban furniture that suits your lifestyle through our devotion to fine design. Our home furniture series has all you need to set the right tone of elegance and beauty in your home without breaking the bank.

    Exclusive items with a modern or classical designs that furnish your home with style, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO LIVING ROOM SOFAS, DINING & KITCHEN AREA, BEDROOM FURNITURE.

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    Comfort meets purpose

    Exclusively designed furniture that makes customers feel special is very important in the decoration of hotel rooms. Designed with concept that provides relaxation, and a kind of renewal, free from the physical and mental weight of city life, work and daily life.

    In a nutshell, a comfortable bed, aesthetic and quality furniture, proper lighting, and decorative elements matching the furniture are the sine qua non of a hotel room.

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    Enhancing performance

    We offer only high quality classroom furniture, all backed by a lifetime guarantee, so you can be sure that you are getting the best for both your students and staff at your budget. Whether you're just looking for adjustable height desks or collaborative learning furniture for your academy, we have all kinds of furniture solutions to enable you create an environment where students can do their best in the classroom.

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    Contemporary outdoor design

    we can provide furniture sets for your outside areas: more practical, convenient and elegant outdoor furniture, suitable for harden areas, lounge, pools, outdoor bar and restaurants, coffee tables and other social facilities.

    Also, our range of banquet chairs, banquet tables, conference chairs etc are in stock and ready for supply; they bring style and excitement to your private or cooperate event, giving your guest or audience maximum comfort throughout their engagement at your event.

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    Stay ahead, work smart

    We stock the right type of functional office chairs and office tables to meet your daily business needs. Our range of Executive Tables and Chairs are designed to align with your work goals.

    We also offer bespoke free consultation on office space management and advise on tailored office set that meet your industry's best practices.

  • About Us

    We are passionate about what we do, especially how we bring the imagination of your space to life. And in our journey, we discovered that effective sale is when our cherished customers call again. Realizing this, we go all out to tailor our products and services in the most beautiful and professional way, offering unmatched value, saving you cost and giving you the best of customer experience.


    Our major long term goal is to build a business customers can trust, by having an effective relationship with organizations, institutions, families and individuals. We understand that the future holds far greater possibilities than today, but it is only when today is paved right that we can achieve the future we truly desire.

    Hence, we are building on Quality, Integrity and Unique Customer experience.

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